The Singles Group

With a desire to pair her love of volunteering for charities with her singles events, Risa created "Dating for a Cause" events where you can 'meet great singles and help a great charity, simultaneously!'  A variety of other singles events are offered each year including hiking, kayaking, apple picking, picnics, etc.  Risa also provides personalized matchmaking and dating coaching services to a select clientele.   

After ten years in business, Risa has hosted 1,400 8minuteDating events, has a mailing list of 11,000+ singles and has countless weddings, engagements and matches to her credit. is the largest full-service singles company in the tri-state area, founded by Risa Glaser Grimaldi in 2006.

An attorney with an MBA, Risa has been a Business Advisor to presidents, professionals and entrepreneurs for almost 30 years.  In her free time she serves as a volunteer for not-for-profit  organizations like the Make-a-Wish Foundation and was running charity events when someone suggested she start an event company - and she did!

Ultimately this turned into a singles business when the Manager at the Colorado Cafe asked her to host their 8minuteDating events. 

"Creating Opportunities for Love"

since 2006

Our first 8minuteDating location in NJ...

   the fun and fabulous Colorado Cafe!

Risa & John Grimaldi

"A Story of Hope"

Risa met John at one of her own 8minuteDating events in Princeton in 2010 and they were married 4 years later.  John proposed on Risa's 50th birthday and as this is her first marriage, many have reflected on what a story of hope this truly is.