The Singles Group

With connections to thousands of singles in the tri-state area and a special perceptiveness about people, Risa is uniquely positioned to help you find the love of your life. By taking a limited clientele and only accepting clients that she thinks she can successfully match, Risa offers an exclusive matchmaking service that has the highest chance of helping you to achieve your goal of finding love.

To learn more about matchmaking services, contact Risa at 516-466-0212 or

Would you like to be considered as a "potential match" for Risa's matchmaking clients?  For a small administrative fee, you can join the priority list of potential matches. While there are no guarantees that you will be matched with one of our Matchmaking clients, this is an opportunity to be considered first.  For more information, email


Have you ever wondered how you could improve your dating skills?  Wished you could get feedback from a date?  Realized that the perspective of someone else would be helpful?  Sometimes its difficult to "stand outside of yourself" and see what small changes could make a big difference in your potential for dating success.

Contact Risa for more information about our Dating Coaching services at 516-466-0212 or  

Dating Coaching