Singles Spotlight

The Singles Group

In celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary, 
we are showing our appreciation by putting the "spotlight" on YOU!   

Periodically we will be featuring one person on our social media platforms.  Each day we will share a picture and a fun fact about that person  and our followers will be able to communicate directly thru social media.

This is a great opportunity to be highlighted 
and increase your chances of finding love.

Check out our Singles Spotlight!

Singles Spotlight Program

*By entering and/or applying to participate in the "Singles Spotlight" you agree to the terms of the program as stated below and guarantee that the information you have provided is accurate and you authorize and grant and Eclectic Events, Inc. (the "Company") full permission to use your likeness, images, photographs, name and information about you without reserve.  Pictures and fun facts will be selected, edited by and become the property of the Company.  The Company reserves the right to edit, reject and/or remove your entry at any time at its sole discretion.  The Company cannot and shall not be responsible for any results, guarantees or promises that you will be included in the Singles Spotlight or receive any matches as a result of participating.  You further agree that the Company shall not be responsible for any actions by other people who communicate with you or participate in the program in any way.  By entering you release the Company and its employees from any and all liability arising out of your participation in this program.


5 lucky winners will be featured in our new
on our social media platforms. 

To enter follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter  

and send the following information to:  

* Name, email, phone number and age 
* Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles
* 7 photographs 
(must be appropriate, of only you & taken within the last 5 years) 
* 10 fun facts about you
(must be appropriate & less than 100 characters per fact) 

 Don't be shy! We know you're great,  
now let other potential matches know it, too!